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AP U.S. Government and Politics



Unit 12: After the Test

Unit 12: After the Test Syllabus

Units of Study

Unit 11: Welfare and Education Policy and Foreign Policy

Unit 11 Welfare, Education, and Foreign Policy Syllabus

Social Security Game

2017-18 Unit 11 Outline for Notes

International Law

National Security Policy Process: 2011

Excerpts from The Bush Doctrine

Noam Chomsky on the Obama Doctrine

History of Terrorism PPT

“The term foreign policy refers to…”

CRS – “Trade Promotion Authority and Fast-Track Negotiating Authority for Trade Agreements”

How Oil Prices Are Determined – Factors that Affect Oil Prices

The Realist – Fred Kaplan – POLITICO Magazine

G7 To G8 To G20: Evolution in Global Governance


Unit 10: Economic and Environmental Policy: Contributing to Prosperity

1960s Air and Water Pollution

Public Policy PPT

Monetary and fiscal policy

Annual Energy Outlook 2018

E.P.A. Prepares to Roll Back Rules Requiring Cars to Be Cleaner and More Efficient – The New York Times

CBO Analysis of 2018 budget

President Trump’s 2018 budget

Federal Student Loan Programs

CBO Obama’s 2015 Budget

CBO Uncertainty of Budget Projections 2007

Energy, Climate Change, and Environmental Law Under Trump

Obama’s Climate Action Plan – Environmental Policy

John Paul Stevens – “Repeal the Second Amendment,” The New York Times

“The courts say the Parkland kids’ agenda is largely compatible with the Second Amendment,” The Washington Post

March For Our Lives “Five-Point Plan”

Unit 10 Economic and Environmental Policy Syllabus

E Woods Notes Public Policy

Public Policy Notes

Another Public Policy Notes

Public Policy Vocabulary

Study Guide Public Policy

Some more notes on public policy

2016 DHS Budget in Brief (Obama administration)

The Clean Air Act 2

White House Faith-Based-Initiatives



Unit 9C: The Media

Unit 9C: The Media

Unit 9 C Media Terms & Reading Questions

The Fairness Doctrine

Notes for Mass Media


Unit 9B: Interest Groups

Unit 9B: Interest Groups Syllabus

Iron Triangles Graphic

Interest Groups Notes

Interest Groups Notes

CRS Report for Congress

Unit 9A: Political Parties

CBC Ranks the Presidents!

Unit 9A: Elections and Campaigns Syllabus

One History of Political Parties in the U.S.

Notes: Elections and Campaigns

Notes: Political Parties

Graphic: Political Party Model

“A Window on Campaign Abuse”

Language A Key Mechanism of Control, Newt Gingrich

Super Pacs

League of Women Voters Report

Political Parties PPT

Elections and Campaigns PPT



Unit 8: Political Beliefs and Behaviors

Do Americans still believe in democracy?

Unit 8 Political Beliefs and Behaviors Syllabus

Gallup’s 2012 election polling errors were only part of the problem

The Ten Worst Predictions Of The 2012 Election

Notes: Political Beliefs & Behaviors

Linkage Institutions

In Class Activity Day 1

Foreign Affairs

Public Opinion and the Mass Media


Unit 7: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Unit 7 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Assignment 1 Readings

Key Supreme Court Cases

More Supreme Court Cases

And, Study & Review: Supreme Court cases – Civil Liberties & Civil Rights



Unit 6: Institutions of National Government: The Judiciary

United States v. Nixon (1974)

Unit 6 Judiciary Syllabus

Assignment 3 Rostow & O’Brien

Assignment 4 Supreme Court Cases

Assignment 5 Readings 1 & 2: Scalia & Breyer

Assignment 5 Reading, “The Dynamic Constitution”

More Supreme Court Decisions

Some Helpful Review Material

The Judiciary

Understanding Federal Courts

The Judiciary


Unit 5: Institutions of National Government: The Bureaucracy

Unit 5 Bureaucracy Syllabus

Assignment 1 Reading: Iron Triangle and Issue Network

Some notes on the Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy Notes

Federal Bureaucracy Review

PPT Bureaucracy

Review on Bureaucracy

Budget Process in the U.S. Department of Education





Unit 4: Institutions of National Government: The Presidency

Unit 4 Syllabus: The Executive

Supreme Court & The Presidency

Information About Presidents

1945 to the Present

U.S. Presidents since 1945

U.S. Presidents PPT

Assignment 2 Readings:

The Imperial Presidency

Presidential Power and the Modern President

Assignment 3 Readings:

Reading a

Reading b

Assignment 4 Reading:

Going Public and the Problem of Avoiding Presidential

The War Powers Act of 1973

War Powers, International Alliances, the President, and Congress

Fun Reading:

Evaluating U.S. Presidents – For Dummies

President Trump’s Approval Ratings so far

Index of Executive Agencies

Congressional Budget Process

Power Point Presentations

The President’s Major Roles

The Executive Branch

The Presidency

War Powers

First Assignment and Notes

Unit4: Institutions of National Government: The Presidency Assignment #1

“Going Public and the Problem of Avoiding Presidential/Congressional Compromise”

The Random Study Guide for the Presidency and the Bureaucracy

Presidency Terms Objectives

2017-18 AP Government Notes

“Cheney’s Power No Longer Goes Unquestioned”

“The People v. Dick Cheney”

Some important information on the presidency and the executive branch


Unit 3: Institutions of National Government: The Congress   

Unit 3 The Congress Syllabus

CRO Membership of the 115th Congress

CQ New Member Guide for the 115th Congress

Notes on Congress

Post Election Press from the Republican State Leadership Committee

The Redistricting Majority Project

How a Wisconsin Case Before Justices Could Reshape Redistricting

Unit 2.5: Federalism and the Separation of Powers in Action

Federalism During The Obama Administration

Federalism and the Separation of Powers PPT

Federal Mandates Group Research Project



Unit 2: Constitutional Underpinnings

Unit 2: Constitutional Underpinnings

Unit 1: Introducing Government in America

Unit 1: Introducing Government in America