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11 CP History: U.S. and the World, 1920 to Present

Unit 6: The U.S. in the Early Cold War Years: The Second Red Scare and Life in the 1950s

Unit 6 Red Scare & 1950s Syllabus

Assignment 1

Assignment 2 Reading

Assignment 3 Readings

Levittown Documents of an Ideal American Suburb

Levittown, Long Island, New York

1950s Suburbia Data



Unit 5: The Cold War, Part I: 1946-1983

Unit 5: The Cold War, Part I: 1946-1983

Different perspectives on the Cold War



Unit 4.5: The End of WWII

Unit4.5: The End of WWII Syllabus

Chapter 8 Reading

Chapter 9 Reading

Assignment 3 Reading #2 – The United Nations

Universal Declaration of Human Rights – UN



Unit 4: World War II, 1933-1945

4 BLUE Unit 4 WWII

The American Home Front during WWII Reading

Unit 4 WWII 1 and 3 White



Causes of WWII PPT

World War II PPT


European theater

WWII Homefront PPT

Double V Campaign

WWII Propaganda Posters PPT


Unit 3: Between the World Wars, 1919-1941

11 CP Unit 3: Between the World Wars Syllabus

Textbook Readings for Unit 3

Sources for in-class work

     Graph of U.S. Unemployment Rate, 1930-1945

NEW DEAL Agencies

    The New Deal Administration Agencies

Growing Up in Down Times: Children of the Great Depression


Unit 2: The Prosperity and Depression Decades; the 1920s and 1930s

Unit 2 The 1920s and 1930s Syllabus


Unit 2 Assignment #3 Reading and Questions

2017-18 Unit 2 Reading on Stocks



Unit 1: The Russian Revolutions, 1881-1941

Gulag: Soviet Camps And Their Legacy Readings

Stalin’s Gulag PPT

Unit 1 Assignment 3

Unit 1 The Russian Revolutions 1881-1941



2017-18 11 CP U.S. & the World, 1920 to Present Course Outline

2017-18 11 CP Late Policy

11CP First Assignment 2017-18

First Assignment Documents 2017-18